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Exploring the carraige trails in the Catskills.

"Must I tell you that neither the Alps nor the Appenines, no, nor even Aetna itself, have dimmed, in my eyes, the beauty of our own Catskills? It seems to me that I look on American scenery, if it were possible, with increased pleasure. It has its own peculiar charm—a something not found elsewhere. I am content with nature: would that I were with art!"
Thomas Cole, Hudson River School painter

Very recognizable top of Kaaterskill

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mostly nature

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Glacier National Park Pt 2, MT

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heroin - the velvet underground

Heroin, be the death of me 
Heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life 

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Roadtrip for the weekend.

Yosemite, 2013.


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